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Join SRK at the 2019 SAIMM New Technology Conference and Trade Show

June 5 - 6 | The Canvas Riversands | Fourways | Johannesburg | Booth #6
Meet SRK's presenters at the 2019 SAIMM New Technology Conference and Trade Show.
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Ansu Louw, GIS, Remote Sensing
Ansu Louw
GIS Specialist
SRK Johannesburg
Philippa Burmiester, Principal Environmental Scientist
Philippa Burmeister
Principal Environmental Scientist
SRK Durban
Prishalan Naidoo, Civil / Geotechnical Engineer
Prishalan Naidoo
Civil Engineer (Geotechnical)
SRK Johannesburg
Rory Bush, Geologist
Rory Bush
Senior Engineering Geologist (Geotechnical)
SRK Johannesburg
Xanthe Adams, Senior Engineer
Xanthe Adams
Principal Engineer (Water)
SRK Cape Town


• Ansu Louw | GIS enabled, Web-based TSF surveillance solutions

• Philippa Burmeister | Development of infield and online data collection systems

• Prishalan Naidoo | The development of mobile applications for Smart Data Capture in mining

• Rory Bush | Calibtrated rockfall mitigation through the use of photogrammetric modelling techniques

• Xanthe Adams | WEB-Based water balances with SRK & MMS WIRE

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