Short Project Title Kloof Extension 15 and 21
Project Synopsis The eThekwini Municipality Human Settlements Unit (eThekwini) is in the process of undertaking the Kloof Extension 15 and 21 Housing Upgrade development project. An Environmental Authorisation (EA) was granted for this project on 11 August 2016 with a requirement that environmental compliance monitoring is undertaken during the construction phase. An independent qualified Environmental Control Officer (ECO) is required to undertake environmental compliance monitoring for the duration of the construction phase. SRK Consulting has been appointed to undertake the role of the ECO.
SRK Project Reference Number:  478810
Official Reference Number: DM/0018/2016
Project Location: Kloof Extension 15 and 21 is located at the western part of the eThekwini Municipality, approximately 20km west of Durban CBD on Portion 9 of Erf 482 and a Portion of Remainder of Erf 482 Kloof, Wyebank.
The main access to the development is from the Wyebank residential suburb, along the existing Iris and Aloe Roads.
Status of the Project: Phase 1 of the Construction Phase is in progress
SRK Project Manager:  Mrs Philippa Burmeister
Contact Email: pemanuel@srk.co.za
Contact Number: 031-279-1200
Additional Note: The Environmental Compliance Audit reports are available for public review. The reports can be downloaded from the links below. Hard copies of the Environmental Compliance Audit Reports are available for viewing at:
 · Shula Construction site office at Kloof Extension; and

 · SRK Durban Office.


Audit report

 Document  File Size  Date  Status
Audit Report 1      
478810_Kloof ext_Audit report(Final)_Scanned_20170413 2,766 KB FEB-2018  
Audit Report 2      


2,581 KB FEB-2018
Audit Report 3      

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 3_Final_20170612

3,612 KB FEB-2018
Audit Report 4      

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 4_Final_20170727

7,743 KB FEB-2018
Audit Report 5      

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 5_Final_Complete_20170818_part1

3,601 KB FEB-2018

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 5_Final_Complete_20170818_part2

4,661 KB FEB-2018

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 5_Final_Complete_20170818_part 3

6,296 KB FEB-2018
Audit Report 6      

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 6_ConsolidatedFinal_20170915_Part 1

2,633 KB FEB-2018

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 6_ConsolidatedFinal_20170915_Part 2

3,527 KB FEB-2018

478810_Kloof Ext_Audit Report 6_ConsolidatedFinal_20170915_Part 3

2,724 KB FEB-2018


Environmental Authorisation

 Document  File Size  Date  Status
478810_EA_11 Aug 2016sml 1,072 KB FEB-2018


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