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Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy and Objectives

Our objective is to conduct our business in the safest possible manner, consistent with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, applicable regulations, legislation and good practices. The policy is directed to ensure that our work is executed safely and our employees return home healthy.
We will make this policy meaningful by:

  • Recognising the right of employees to work in a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Ensuring that the health and safety of each of our employees is of primary importance.
  • Requiring all our employees to have a basic knowledge of the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, applicable regulations, legislation and good practice and to behave in compliance with such requirements. This knowledge is provided to the employee through various induction processes and project specific training.
  • Requiring that our employees are aware of the health and safety policy and procedures applied by the client on site, and act strictly in accordance with such policy and procedures as some of our work is undertaken on premises owned and controlled by clients.
  • Requiring that our employees are prepared for all identifiable health and safety risks associated with gaining access to sites and executing work in a healthy and safe manner and ensuring that appropriate mitigation and management is in place in the event of accidents and incidents.
  • Monitoring and reporting our Health & Safety performance annually.
  • Identifying opportunities to continuously improve.
  • Targeting <20 reportable incidents for 2019.
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