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Stability. Solid foundations. Whether it's a multi-storey building, a mine development, a road cutting or a tunnel, you don't need to risk costly surprises from unforeseen settlement, instability or seismic hazards. Our geotech professionals give you the right foundation for a profitable project.

Providing you with a clear, comprehensive set of foundation design options and their time-related risks is the cornerstone of our engineering services. You can compare these alternatives and make an informed decision on the best one for your needs and risk profile. Our experience helps you minimise risk and keep projects on track and within budget.

As you move through the earth, SRK can support your buildings, your roads, your rivers and canals, the bridges over them and the tunnels under them.

Whether you're involved with residential construction or resource extraction we can deal with accelerated erosion from construction, ground disturbance and/or waste disposal.

SRK's geotechnical engineers provide investigations and analysis to ensure safety and stability of open pit slopes.
SRK Consulting has extensive experience in Rock engineering for tunnels, road cuttings and underground excavations. Our team of engineers and geoscientists provide integrated rock engineering services for all stages of projects from the initial investigation, through design and construction. Ground support design and optimisation for severe conditions is our specialty...
SRK's geotechnical specialists provide site evaluations and solutions.
SRK Consulting’s extensive experience in geotechnical problems, ranging from deep permafrost to tropical forests, enables us to develop appropriate cost effective solutions tailored to your specific project requirements. Our teams of geotechnical specialists combine their extensive expertise with sophisticated numerical modelling capabilities to develop cost effective solutions for a range...
SRK Consulting provides construction QA/QC, management and materials testing capabilities to the mining industry, municipalities, construction companies and private developers. These services are designed to assist clients during the planning and construction stages of projects. Our team includes a combination of construction managers, engineers and licensed materials testing and field...
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