Graham Howell

Corporate Consultant / Principal Structural and Geotechnical Consultant
SRK Johannesburg
265 Oxford Road 2196 Illovo, South Africa PO Box 55291 2116 Northlands
+27 11 441 1111
+27 11 880 8086


  • Application of numerical methods in structural, geotechnical and environmental engineering with particular reference to soil/rock/structure interaction.


Graham Conrad Howell has been involved in the fields of geotechnical and structural engineering connected with most principal sectors of civil, mining and environmental engineering. His expertise includes:

  • Structural design of bridges, retaining walls and buildings and rehabilitation of damage;
  • Geotechnical engineering design and site investigations;
  • Specialised structural design and rock/soil/structure interaction;
  • Geotechnical and structural risk assessment;
  • Quantitative risk assessment in geotechnical and environmental engineering;
  • Slope stability, lateral support and retaining structures;
  • Environmental engineering and erosion mechanics;
  • Propellant, explosive and pyrotechnic waste management and specialised infrastructure design;
  • Legal and insurance issues and geotechnical/civil/structural engineering;
  • Environmental and risk engineering and soil and groundwater remediation;
  • Specialised numerical analysis for mining engineering applications;
  • Techno-legal arbitration case preparation.


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