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Geology and Resources

You explore to create wealth. You need the most effective methods to find the best opportunities and make choices. With state-of-the-art targeting tools, we can minimize your risks, cut your costs and reduce your time frames. Our independent assessments and advice provide the basis for your choices.

Our experts integrate complex data sets to generate and refine targets, define controls on ore bodies, and delineate prospective structures and sequences.

We effectively map open pits and underground mines to improve grade control, ore reserve modeling, mine plans and near mine drill targeting.

Our clients turn to us for review, audits and independent assessment of their projects.

We also offer practical courses and workshops for geologists in mineral exploration and mining. You select the modules most appropriate for your staff, your geological environment and your exploration objectives, with examples chosen for practical field study on your property.

SRK's interpretation of remote sensing data maximizes information for exploration and structural models.
“Target delineation driven by a lot more than just one or two simple parameters.” We have a unique combination of Specialist Structural and Alteration Geologists, Geophysical Processing Experts and Seismic Interpreters. SRK’s multi-skilled geophysical and geological team ensures target delineation is driven by more than one or two parameters. The...
SRK combines cutting-edge 3D modelling software and expert knowledge of mineral systems to evaluate exploration targets.
“SRK focuses on finding deposits within the deposit” Ore, like Hansel & Grettel, always leaves a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ - the pathway to discovery. Structure and alteration, be they within-mine, near-mine or in greenfields exploration are the two most obvious and reliable ‘breadcrumbs’ in most mineralized systems. SRK’s approach to...
SRK provides the data needed for early mineral exploration and converts to useful format for decision-making..
“Our worldwide experience is your worldwide experience” The key to successful exploration is knowing when to drill, when to hold ‘em and when to walk away. SRK is very sensitive to the fact that ‘technical success’ sometimes means economic failure. Our business approach to exploration therefore underlines the fact that...
SRK brings a depth of knowledge to statistical and geological modelling to support resource estimation and technical reporting to international standards.
Our approach to resource and reserve estimation combines SRK Consulting’s strengths in structural and alteration geology with extensive mining operational experience. Resource models for exploration targeting, feasibility studies, operating mines and evaluations are based on a sound understanding of the underlying geological systems. Our geostatistical specialists can select and expertly...
A mining or exploration company — whether in the process of opening a mine, staying on line, suspending operations or closing a facility — is faced with the task of satisfying numerous regulatory requirements administered by local, state or provincial and Federal agencies. The complexity is compounded by the formal...
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