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Environmental & Social

SRK Consulting's Environmental Department provides management consulting services to stakeholders in the sustainable utilisation of human and natural resources.

The environmental team is well equipped to assist you in creating solutions to environmentally related challenges in a variety of local and international market sectors.

We work with mines looking for economical, effective compliance; with small businesses and industrial giants that need to assess and manage risk; and with environmental protection agencies looking for assurances and solutions. In-house and external specialists support our environmental team to enhance our ability to deliver these services.

SRK has a long-standing reputation for being trusted by all stakeholders, meeting the challenges of our clients and consistently producing high quality work.

Our world-wide environmental experience ranges from environmental authorisation processes (numerous mining and other environmental authorisations based on our environmental assessments) to consideration of practical, business orientated projects, for example, competent persons reports for the listing of major mining houses as well as solution driven technical investigations. Within this range of services we provide input for objective decision making (evaluation of rehabilitation options), management plans and their implementation and monitoring (responsiblity for implementation of environmental management plans for companies, auditing (compliance and environmental management systems) and conflict management (re-settlement and other social projects). Our approach is one of assisting our clients as partners.

SRK's environmental and social consultants are experts in integrated studies, monitoring, and reviews.
SRK’s practical experience with a range of mining and industrial facilities – in cold, wet and arid climates on all continents - assures the identification of critical environmental issues on your project; decisions relating to the acquisition, permitting, operation and or closure can then be made with a clear understanding...
SRK's environmental geochemists tackle acid rock drainage, from assesssments to treatment.
SRK Consulting has a team of experienced and internationally recognised engineers and geoscientists to develop cost-effective solutions to mine drainage issues ranging from severe acidity to unusual trace elements. These issues are encountered during new mine permitting, optimisation of existing operations, development of closure plans and closure of abandoned mines...
SRK has a staff with unique experience in revegetation, fuels management and noxious weed control. Our staff can provide a variety of vegetation management services, including developing site specific seed mixes, determining proper seed application rates, preparing revegetation plans, developing fuels management plans, identifying noxious weed infestations, developing noxious weed...
SRK Consulting has extensive experience with the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites for clients from various industries
SRK Consulting has extensive experience with the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites (including metals, hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and a range of hazardous wastes) for clients from the petrochemical, real estate, manufacturing, transportation, metal processing and port industries. SRK’s strengths in this area lie in our extensive knowledge of statutes,...
Environmental audits are tools that evaluate the effectiveness of existing environmental management systems, indicating whether the organisation is operating in an environmentally responsible manner (that complies with the organisation’s environmental policies and environmental legislation) and thereby avoid costly or nuisance surprises. In addition, environmental audits identify weaknesses and risk areas...
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