Derry Holmes

Associate Partner / Principal Consultant (Civil Engineer)
SRK Cape Town
Administrative Building 183 Main Rd., Albion Springs 7700 Rondebosch, South Africa PostNet Suite #206 Private Bag X18 7701 Rondebosch
+27 21 659 3060
+27 21 685 7105


  • Building; earthworks
  • Roads
  • Concrete
  • Pipelines
  • Materials handling
  • Power lines
  • Computer skills
  • Estimating
  • Quantity surveying
  • Procurement
  • Project management


Derry Holmes has been involved in the field of civil engineering, project management and general management for the past 40 years. His expertise includes:

  • Nclear: management of a nuclear sites investigation programme, involvement in the development of a methodology to identify, select and qualify nuclear sites;
  • Building: industrial building such as offices, factories, schools, hospitals, warehouses, pump houses and winder houses; residential housing and housing developments;
  • Earthworks: earth dams, embankments, mass earthworks for roads and structures;
  • Roads: gravel district roads, bitumen surfaced roads, concrete paved roads;
  • Concrete: heavy reinforced foundations and structures, pumped concrete, underground and surface civil works on mines, slip formed structures, concrete framed buildings, spillways, water retaining structures;
  • Pipelines: PVC, fibre cement, ductile iron and steel for water supply and sewerage schemes;
  • Materials handling: construction and erection related to coal and ash handling including overland conveyors;
  • Power lines: construction and erection of high voltage power lines up to 400kV;
  • Design: earth dams, foundations and structures, liaison with client’s design office regarding design concepts, design of specialised formwork and falsework;
  • Computer: use of common software packages such as spreadsheets, word processors, project management and programming packages, estimating and costing systems, AutoCAD;
  • Estimating: tendering for various projects, including dams, roads, water and sewerage schemes, power stations, underground and surface civil work on mines; tenders included those against a bill of quantities, lump sums and turnkey projects;
  • Quantity surveying: taking off quantities for purchasing, measurement for interim certificates and measurement and negotiation of final accounts; preparation, submission and negotiation of contractual claims and adjudication of contractual claims;
  • Procurement: calling for tenders and quotations, adjudication, appointment and management of suppliers and subcontractors, drawing up and management of contracts (FIDIC, NEC, GCC).
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