Colleen Kessopersadh

SRK Johannesburg
265 Oxford Road 2196 Illovo, South Africa PO Box 55291 2116 Northlands
+27 11 441 1111
+27 11 880 8086


  • Science, GIS


Colleen Kessopersadh has been involved in the field of Science for the past 11 years.  Her expertise includes:

  • Data capture, cleaning and building using ArcInfo and CAD digitising capability;
  • Map creation using ArcView 3.2, ArcGIS8 and ArcGIS 9.2;
  • Data capture, editing and manipulation using ArcView, MSExcel and MSAccess;
  • MSAccess database manipulation: table and field editing;
  • Manipulation and import of cadastral, surveyor data, land use data, sampling data, ground water, surface water and soil sample laboratory analyses and field measurements into MSAccess database and ArcGIS;
  • Update of reports onto MSAccess databases and creating maps reflecting the attribute data;
  • SQL queries and ArcGIS data attribute queries;
  • Environmental site assessments;
  • Soil and groundwater sampling;
  • Project co-ordination for sampling;
  • Flood line delineations;
  • Surface water hydrology;
  • Goldsim modelling;
  • Project management.
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