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Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine

Short Project Title:

Availability of Scoping Report

Project Title:

Scoping Report for the Amendment to the Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine (BRPM) Environmental Management Programme (EMPR) to include Proposed North Shaft Phase 3 Project Ventilation Shaft, North West Province

Project Synopsis:

The ventilation shaft at North shaft is required to enable North Shaft to continue mining at the required production rate. The North Shaft’s Merensky operation will extend the profitability and life of the BRPM by 14 years to 2032, and in return create additional employment. Failure to have this ventilation shaft in time will result in a loss of production and the possible job losses.

SRK Project Reference Number:


Official DAEARD Reference Number: RDNW(KL) 6/2/2/391
Project Location:

The Bafokeng area is situated in the Northern Western Province approximately 120 km north west of Johannesburg.  Immediately outside the Bafokeng boundaries are Sun City to the north and Rustenburg to the south.  BRPM is located approximately 37.5 km north of Rustenburg

SRK Project Manager:

Dr Laetitia Coetser

Public Participation Facilitator:

Donné du Toit

Contact Email:

Contact Number:

+27 (0) 12 361 9821

Draft EMP Report

 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
420937 2012 12 04 Draft EMPR amendment North Shaft Phase 3 Vent Shaft 2 280 KB Dec 2012 Active

Appendices for EMPR

 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
Appendix A - Project Experience 55 KB  Dec 2012 Active
Appendix B - CV's of the Project Team 202 KB  Dec 2012 Active
Appendix C - Specialist Statements 4 033 KB  Dec 2012 Active
Appendix D - Comments and Respons Report 4 322 KB  Dec 2012 Active
Appendix E - Financial Liability 13 KB  Dec 2012 Active
Appendix F - BRPM SHE Policy 63 KB  Dec 2012 Active

Final Scoping Report

 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
420937.2012.09.13.Final.Scoping Report BRPM Phase 3 Vent Fan 1,407KB September 2012 Active

Appendices for FSR

 Document  File Size  Date  Status  
BRPM.SR.Appendix A.CVs 202KB September 2012 Active
BRPM.SR.Appendix B.Project Experience 55KB September 2012 Active
BRPM.SR.Appendix C.Issues and Responses Report_Part1 2,734KB September 2012 Active
BRPM.SR.Appendix C.Issues and Responses Report_Part2 2,555KB September 2012 Active
BRPM.SR.Appendix D.Specialist Statements 4,033KB September 2012 Active
BRPM.SR.Appendix E.Safety Policy 239KB September 2012 Active


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