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ARD & Geochemistry

SRK Consulting has a team of experienced and internationally recognised engineers and geoscientists to develop cost-effective solutions to mine drainage issues ranging from severe acidity to unusual trace elements. These issues are encountered during new mine permitting, optimisation of existing operations, development of closure plans and closure of abandoned mines. SRK has more than two decades of experience in addressing drainage chemistry at all stages of the mining cycle. We also assist non-mining clients involved in rock handling, such as utilities, forestry companies and highway construction companies.

The cornerstone of SRK’s approach to these projects is that release of acid rock drainage (ARD) is controlled by geological conditions. We, therefore, work with our clients’ geologists to understand how the geology of their property affects drainage chemistry and how it can be used to limit potential impacts and engineering costs.

ARD potential is also affected by local climatic conditions. We have experience in the full range of global climates including permafrost in the high arctic, temperate regions, and both wet and dry regions of the tropics.

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