Anita Bron

Principal Social Scientist
SRK Johannesburg
265 Oxford Road 2196 Illovo, South Africa PO Box 55291 2116 Northlands
+27 11 441 1111
+27 11 880 8086



  • Social impact assessment, social management planning, social marketing research and monitoring and evaluation, due diligence assessments


Anita is a Principal social scientist with 17+ years’ experience in social research. She holds a MA in Research Psychology at the University of Pretoria. She specialises in social impact assessment, social marketing research and monitoring and evaluation. Her main responsibilities include the development and implementation of integrated social assessments and management plans throughout the project life cycle process, from the concept phase to the execution of projects.

She has to ensure that the findings and recommendations of the social assessments and plans are relevant, considered, implemented, monitored and evaluated throughout the lifecycle process. Plans are developed with the involvement of key stakeholders and, where supported by client, with impacted and affected communities. Anita has developed a number of internal as well as external stakeholder management plans for projects.

Anita was responsible for leading the compilation of the stakeholder communication and engagement plan, resettlement plan and social impact management plan for the implementation phase of a confidential project. Apart from the social assessment and management of projects in the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors, Anita conducts independent due diligence social assessments on behalf of Lenders.

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